Reviews of "A Musical Feast" and "A Road Less Traveled"

by Radio Station DJs, Music Critics and Fans

"When it comes to soothing, relaxing music, they don't get much better than this! ...each piece is a sweet, gentle breath of fresh air. ...Erik Satie's influence is apparent on many cuts, and 'Shadows' is my favorite track. I also like the change in rhythm on 'A Road Less Traveled'. This CD creates an excellent backdrop for working, reading, or perhaps a leisurely dinner..." Kathy Parsons - Wind & Wire Magazine

"Got the CD and enjoyed it very much.... have a stick'em note on it with the following written on it: 'NICE!'" Al Santos, "Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch" - WJZW Washington, DC (The track "Passages" was on the Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch Top 20 for more than 18 months)

"I heard the cut, Passages on the Sunday Morning Brunch show with Al Santos on Smooth Jazz 105.9 (in the Washington DC metro area). It was GREAT!!! I immediately called the station and got your email address. I went to the web site first at and listened to the CD. The whole album is SUPERB. I had to have it so I ordered it via credit card. I cannot wait to receive it." Howard K. Alexandria, VA

"I heard 'In My Dreams' this morning on the 'Sunday Jazz Brunch' (WJZW), hosted by Al Santos. After hearing it,m I called Al for more information. He told me you have a web page and the rest is history. I'm really looking forward to hearing your CD." Brenda C, Washington, DC

"Great for early morning! I play ('In My Dreams') before our opera show goes on! People think it's a blast." Mark Laiosa, DJ - "Ear Massage", WBAI New York, NY

" the CD today. Very nice work. Don't know if I just wasn't paying attention to your earlier notes or what...but I assumed you were just another "promo weasel"...didn't realize that you are THE MAN! Good call on Baja Blue. It was given life on NIGHTlite earlier this evening at 8:25pm. Fit in very nicely! Miller, NIGHTlite radio show, Michigan

"...(he) weaves hypnotic little inventions made up of cleverly crafted patterns...tapping the African and Asian antecedents of minimalist music...a dizzying array of swirling patterns and melodies...shimmering landscape of struck, shaken and rattled percussion samples". Titus Levi, Keyboard Magazine Discoveries Column

"I received your latest CD, and I really enjoyed it. You can find it on our 'The Quiet Zone' Playlist No.4." DJ Ottic - "Alphabeats", Radio Marabu, Germany

"Extremely delicious CD!" Kenn Bhimkumar-Reyes, DJ - "Close to the Edit", KCBL Sacramento, CA

"My business partner's husband was raving about this great music he'd heard on Penn's public radio station (WXPN). (He) made several calls to the radio station to find the name of the artist (you) and the CD ('A Road Less Traveled'). When he couldn't find your CD at any of the local record stores, he called the DJ back - it was the DJ who gave him your web site address. Since he doesn't use computer, I offered to help. I'm planning to give him the CDs for Christmas." Salice

"Great stuff!" Tani Chen, DJ - "Dreams of a New Age", WMBR Cambridge, MA

"I'll put a couple tracks on this week and next, and then feature the whole CD for the better part of an hour in a few weeks." Bill Schroeder, DJ - "Epiphanies", WEFT, Champaign, IL

"We'll play from the entire CD. Thanks!" Walt Gander, "Solitudes", WXPR, Rhinelander, WI

"Nice effort, airplay on various tracks." Neil Hever, WDIY, Lehigh Valley, PA

"Thanks for the support, Duane. Great Music!" Chito Gebhart, "Morning Breeze", KSBR, Mission Viejo, CA

"It is a finely crafted, very rich recording." Terry Lindsey, "The Indestructible Beat", WITR, Rochester, NY

"Beautiful Stuff! Wonderful!" Samantha Wright, KBSO, Corpus Christi, TX

"Good job! As a pianist, I appreciate what you've done and the mood you've created." Charles Husson, Soundscapes, KIPO, Honolulu, HI